Whois M@ McCray

While I may not sound it, I’m from Dallas, Texas. Born and bred, as they say. Although, like all true Texans, my heart belongs to the Hill Country.

Whatis M@ McCray?

I’m a rare breed: Software Engineer/Designer. Weird, huh?

It’s a rather odd list of things, really; I’ve been a freelance artist and cartoonist. I’ve designed and implemented enterprise level cash distribution balancing systems for bank ATM’s. I’ve painted T-Shirts. I’ve designed and implemented an XML driven, scriptable, tax calculation engine. I’ve designed websites. I’ve managed a Blockbuster Video store. I’ve thrown newspapers… Although not all in that order. ;-)


What does DarthAPO mean?

DarthAPO is a moniker I use... Why do I use it?

Well, it all starts on a dark and gloomy day, in a year where a heavily anticipated prequel was released. When the hype came to it’s peak, me and my chums from work all assumed our alternate identities as lords of the Sith (if you don’t know what I’m talking about—well, where are you from?).

One of the guys, a Database Analyst, became known as Darth Cylinder—get it? Cylinder? Databases are always drawn as cylinders? Aw, nevermind.

Anyway, I took the moniker of Darth APO because, at the time, I was drawing a daily comic on my whiteboard, and one of the main characters I featured was named APO.

Of course the movie came out; we were all terribly disappointed and quickly disavowed any knowledge of the aforementioned geekiness.

So who is APO? Well, basically he’s an ill-tempered porcupine whose name is actually an acronym… I liked him so much, he lives on in my webcomic Zoo Dot Com.