Saturday, October 16, 2004

Don't Mess With Texas

Normally I don’t post about sports. But I’m really excited about the upcoming NBA season. The preseason has started, and I have to say: Fear Texas. I mean, really.

Of course, San Antonio is still as strong as ever—stronger with the addition of Barry.

Dallas is weakened by the loss of Nash, but we finally have a center in Dampier! Plus, we have some good young players in Daniels, Howard, and Harris that bode quite well for the future.

Then there’s Houston.

Now, I’m a good Dallasite. I love Austin and the Hill Country, like I’m supposed to. I also despise the city of Houston, like I’m required to. But I have to say, they just went from a playoff contention team, to a championship contention team.

With Yao and McGrady, their potential is just scary. And the worst part? They are playing pretty well even in the preseason. I shudder to think how good they’ll be when they actually start to gel.

So the rest of the league? Don’t mess with Texas.

PS: I feel sorry for New Orleans. They came from a weak eastern conference to the toughest division in the western conference—ours. Heh. Sucks to be them.