Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Retrograde: Part One

Working Area:

I designed it to have some nifty UI stuff like an expandable tree view of pages, drag-n-drop reordering of pages, page previews using AJAX. You know, the standard web 2.0ish stuff.

  • How to handle Drag-n-drop
    • Look further up the track
    • Make the link smart, point to the HTML version of the page and have the onclick handler return false
  • How to handle expandable trees when there’s no AJAX
    • Show all the entries, don’t show the ‘twisties’
  • How to handle AJAX page previews
    • Look for features you can disable
    • Remove button if JS isn’t available


Disabling JavaScript via the web developer extension in Firefox

Does your application work if JavaScript is disabled? It should.

Pardon The Dust

I’ve updated the website, moving away from WordPress (for various reasons). So there may be a few broken links floating about.

The RSS feeds may be a bit fragile too… I updated the .htaccess file to redirect the feeds correctly—I hope. If you’re having a problem with the feeds, broken links, or something else regarding the site, please let me know.