Friday, June 29, 2007

Comatose 0.8.1

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: Comatose 0.8.1!

Over the next few days, I’ll be transitioning the project to Google Code and Google Groups please start using them for reporting bugs and such. Here are the important URLs:

I’ve also updated the docs to reflect the new 0.8+ way of doing things. They’ll wind up on the wiki so that they’ll be easily maintained by all.

From the changelog:

  • All includes and helpers are loaded at the end of the ComatoseController and ComatoseAdminController classes
  • Fixed the ComatoseController#show action to correctly send an HTTP status of 404 even if it finds, and renders, a page at ‘/404’
  • Fixed the migration to default a page’s full_path to ” instead of null
  • Formalized ComatoseDrops. Use Comatose.define_drop "drop_name", do ... end. Every method within that block should return a value for use with a Liquid and/or ERB template. Usage in a comatose page: {{ drop_name.def_name }}
  • Added support for a config.after_setup block that gets called after Comatose is setup (in the Dispatcher#to_prepare event)
  • Added HTML comment output for calls that result in a method_missing on the ProcessingContext
  • Updated page tree to remember collapsed/expanded nodes between page visits
  • Fixed some errors that were caused by null revisions (usually happened after initial installation)
  • Added my javascript test_runner lib for testing slugs generated by JavaScript. More JS tests to come.
  • Bugfix #8640 (rubyforge bug)

For more see the devblog