Saturday, December 2, 2006

Default Gravatar Image; A Greasemonkey Script

So you may have noticed that Gravatar has been going through some growing pains and isn’t working right now.

Until it’s back, pages that use gravatars aren’t loading quickly, or taking forever to load with broken images… Which is a little annoying. So I wrote a quick Greasemonkey user script to replace the image’s source with the site’s default gravatar image.

  Gravatar Default Image « Click to install

Note: This will only work on sites that use an img tag to show avatars. If a site uses a gravatar url as a css background-image, well, you’re SOL. However, with a little hacking, I’m sure you could tweak this script to do that too, if it was important to you. ;-)

I tested this with Greasemonkey on Firefox 2 and Creammonkey on Safari 2. It’ll probably work on Turnabout for Internet Exploder, but I didn’t test it.