Monday, July 25, 2005

Progress is Good

Thanks for all the emails asking when the next version of TaskTHIS will be out! I really do appreciate them, it spurs me on to action knowing that you guys find the app useful. I'm sorry I haven't answered them all, it's been kinda crazy lately. I've been trying to sell my house, find another place to live -- Oh, and make a little money so I can eat. ^_^

All that said, there's a new version of TaskTHIS on the horizon! It's going to have a whole new UI, and quite a few tweaks and new features. Plus, I'm cleaning up the view code. It'll be a lot less 'spaghetti' than before. Check back a little later -- I'll post an image of the new UI.

I don't really want to tie myself down with a specific release date... However, if everything progresses as it has been, then it should be ready by August 1 (yes, 2005).